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Aawesome Retreat Bed & Breakfast ~ Anchorage Alaska Wild Edge Sanctuary Observatory Mountain Escape

Aawesome Retreat Bed and Breakfast has two extremely unique custom mosaic murals you are invited to view while here.

The hostess & designer of this B&B home saved these spaces for her art until the construction and interiors were functional for guests & residents.

"I have photographed, appreciated & studied large mosaic murals all my life. Inspiration went to other projects until I built this home. I call these murals my new home's "cherry on the sundae art" because they were a special bonus to an already extraordinary home."

Art Mural Story

Aawesome Retreat Bed & Breakfast
Rough Out Nature Instead of Society with A Superb Stay Here!

"Undersea Alter"

~ 7’ x 8’ ~ Located in Upstairs Laundry Lab & Full Bathroom ~ Floor is also mosaic design (click images to enlarge)

I have been collecting components most of my life, joking that I could hike out of a barren desert with valuables for my art. I was born a recycler. My first crayons, scribbles were transformed into 3 year old doodles when I rediscovered them.

Every wandering trail had my pockets full picking up these small non-descript items. I equally love the energy of gifts of all those small drawer goodies everyone has kept, not knowing why.

To name some of the items: coins from every trip & country friends, family and myself have toured, lots of remote island beach glass & a vast variety of shoreline treasures, driftwood, beach & river rocks, beads & marbles new & old, broken jewellery pieces, many gem & mineral specimens, cosmic crystals infused with positive intentions, metal art, broken tiles & dishes, pounds of special glue & much more ... nothing goes to waste with a space like this ...

However, as you will see, each piece is tediously co-ordinated for colors & textures to make an overall design.

Hundreds of hours over four years were spent running between the water and tree motifs gluing literally thousands of items.

"Undersea Alter"

~ 4 walls 6'x6'x10'Tall ~ main floor showered bathroom adjacent Windwalker Grotto room & Vortex Lounge ~ Kitchen (click images to enlarge)

Mosaic Benches