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Extended Stay Cooperative Retreat Residence

Aawesome Retreat ~ Anchorage Alaska Wild Edge Sanctuary Observatory Mountain Escape

Aawesome Retreat

* Anchorage 
* Alaska
* Wild
* Edge
* Sanctuary
* Observatory
* Mountain
* Escape

Rental Residential Application

Please fill out the free online request Form.
We can speak on the phone whenever convenient in the following days after we have answered your email… if we are traveling it could take several days to answer…
Please be patient or send another quick request in case it got lost in the email system…
Thank you for your interest,

Disclaimer : questions asked to understand if you are comfortably prepared with cooperative mountain living situation.
If you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions please leave it blank 

Summer Residency Rates
May 1st - Sept 15th

$975. Per month for one person

* 2nd person $200 / pet $45 p/mo.
Rate includes Almost Everything

Winter Residency Rates
Sept 16th - April 30

$850 Per Month

* 2nd person $150 per month / pet $15. P/mo.
Rate includes Almost Everything

Aawesome Retreat - Extended Stay Cooperative Retreat Residence
*Anchorage *Alaska *Wild *Edge *Sanctuary *Observatory *Mountain *Escape*
Rough Out Nature Instead of Society with A Superb Stay Here!
Aawesome Retreat
Contact Information

16528 Kings Way Drive
Anchorage, AK 99516

Phone: 714-333-6129 - Cell/Text
12 Noon - 8 PM (Alaska Time)
Email: aawesomeworld@yahoo.com

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