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Extended Stay Cooperative Retreat Residence

Aawesome Retreat ~ Anchorage Alaska Wild Edge Sanctuary Observatory Mountain Escape

Aawesome Retreat

* Anchorage 
* Alaska
* Wild
* Edge
* Sanctuary
* Observatory
* Mountain
* Escape

Debi the Design Consultant

Greeting The 1st call is free.. discuss your ideas, familiarization with
where you are headed, understand current situation,
receive impressions, then allow some days to percolate,
* Arrange another call
* Then, discuss all in depth take notes, you may record the call.
* Follow up calls as you develop your ideas is strongly suggested

* If no experience or familiarity in a particular business, will patiently circle around and trigger ideas for you on how to proceed to develop your quest.

* Creative flow natural visionary artist with varied World experience
* proficient scanning global market places and tradeshows
* Discuss brainstorm your ideas, visions, projects

• Rates fairly reflect time and energy devoted to supporting, encouraging, you towards your vision
• 1st session with follow two follow up calls as needed is $300.

Aawesome Retreat - Extended Stay Cooperative Retreat Residence
*Anchorage *Alaska *Wild *Edge *Sanctuary *Observatory *Mountain *Escape*
Rough Out Nature Instead of Society with A Superb Stay Here!
Aawesome Retreat
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16528 Kings Way Drive
Anchorage, AK 99516

Phone: 714-333-6129 - Cell/Text
12 Noon - 8 PM (Alaska Time)
Email: aawesomeworld@yahoo.com

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