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Aawesome Retreat ~ Anchorage Alaska Wild Edge Sanctuary Observatory Mountain Escape

Aawesome Retreat

* Anchorage 
* Alaska
* Wild
* Edge
* Sanctuary
* Observatory
* Mountain
* Escape


Prepare for your stroll in the Labyrinth before leaving the house..
Dress warm in layers, wear comfy warm shoes & gloves
bring an umbrella if needed, and a Light bag with a small thermos of hot tea for your' 1/2 WayCenter Pondering'.. Once prepared.. head outside...
the door opens clockwise both knobs with 2 hands, then pull open
[ to get back in the combo is .. turn clockwise again both knobs Push Open..
if you mess up.. clear the small knob by turning counter clockwise 1/4 turn.. then, start again]

Your goal is to walk from to start to center at a casual Meditative pace to the Center..
Walking Inward .. Then Walking Outward..

Once at the Center you may stay.. sit.. ponder the World until ready to walk out..
On the trail.. to brew the Energy correctly ..In then Out..
We go Inside.. Then We Go Outward.. To the World..

* * Ready to Begin?

Walk to the Start at the Entrance at parking level..
* Before entering the downhill path.. take a few deep breaths..
Look up at the sky... ask the Universe to bring you All you require..

There are a few important quests while in this Labyrinth .. the 1st being to learn how to be in the Labyrinth Alone..
This means alone with no one else in your head.. they can pass through for a minute..
They must depart quickly.. This takes practice..
Each time One has a special opportunity to walk in a Labyrinth ..
One can Qwest to become more masterful at this wonderful exercise for the Mind, Body & Spirit
You must walk in the entire trail in one direction on your way to the Center..

In order to help the people & concerns go.. the Labyrinth will assist..
Each time you think of an important person in your life.. look down at a rock..the 1st rock you gaze at is your grounding stone for this person during this part of your walk..

Kneel down and touch the rock with both hands, as if you are cradling this loved ones spirit..talk to them now knowing this will be direct and to the point.. so you may get on with your journey to the center of the Labyrinth .. please do not rush.. say what you wish to say to One person now..
then if you wish.. you may spray this rock with oil.. if you feel compelled to touch or spray the neighboring rock or a rock calls you for some reason on the other side without walking too far off your stop point..

When you feel ready to walk again.. continue on until another or same person stops you at another rock..talk.. spray.. scream.. cry.. debate.. then .. If repeatedly visited by same person.. attend to each concern with them..continue walking.. as a rock stops you.. gaze at it.. spray it.. talk to whomever you feel..
Pay Attention to the Grounding weight of the Rocks..
Pay Attention to the Beautiful Sky Above Cradling you on The Grounding Earth..
Feel the Vortex in The Mountains Pull the Weighty Energy from your core..
There are Plenty of Rocks for Every Person You must talk to.. KNOW that the Universe will DEEPLY support you

When you are feeling done speaking to that person.. Give the Rock their Energy in You for now..
Allow this large Gorgeous Perfectly Placed Rock to take your Energy About this person..
So you May continue to the Center..
The Rock will transmute your Energy through the Labyrinth & Give it back to you Cleansed..
Keep on walking, stopping, talking to every rock that calls you..
Your 1st walk can take awhile..this is Correct.. follow your Inner Spirits Timing..

Your Goal is to get to the Center where you May sit with only Yourself..

Continue Strolling allowing each person in your life that appears be given some Rock Energy..
Leave them there when you feel its time to continue..

Now that you are in the Center..Congratulations! You have completed your Qwest inward..
to the Center of this Finely Charged Labyrinth..

Now, take some rewarding sweet breaths of our crystal mountain air...
Pay Attention to the Vast Natural Surroundings.. Gaze far to Distant mountains Across The Water..
Observe How far you can see.. Look All Around .. Experience the Valley Cradling your Spirit..
While You sit Alone In A Peaceful Alone Space..
Experience Peace.. Breathe.. Stretch.. Drink Some Tea..
Thank The Sky And God for this Blessed Feeling.

When you feel ready ... Begin your walk out of the Center on the trail at a serene pace..
If you are called to pet a rock, or spray one with oil.. please do so..

Your next amazing exercise is to Say a Manifesting statement at the 1st rock that calls you to do so..
Sit with the 1st Rock..
For your 1st walk.. Ask for something you want for your inner Spirit ..
Make it a simple statement about a feeling inside of your self..
i.e. ''I want to feel Brave and Strong and Confident''
''I want to learn how to resolve my inner feelings.. I want to Live Happier with my feelings resolved''
''I want to feel more comfortable in my own body and spirit''
''I want to feel proud of being me''
Work on one or two at a time...
Say the Statements a few times to the Sky..The Earth..The Water & The Fire Within You..
Breathe a few times while drawing Energy from Your chosen Rock..
Offer Thanks to Your Higher Power.. then proceed on the trail outward.

Let the Rocks and Your Energy Guide You.. If you feel tired.. Rest On a Rock..Or Walk Onward..or stay Very briefly when a Rock calls you..
If a Rock calls you.. You Must Answer..if only for a brief tap..
If a person appears.. say Hello and let them stay at their rock.. or in The Earth Below it..
Or the Sky Above It.. Continue On.. You can talk to them again on your next walk Inward..

Still..do not walk off the Trail until the Official Entrance - Exit..

Proceed on the Trail Until Completion.. Once Out of the Trail..
Turn back towards the Labyrinth and Reflect on your journey..
Offer Thanks..
Come Back Often Until you can stroll inward easily with no stops..then concentrate on the more fun walk outward.. full of Manifestational exercise..that may get more and more fruitful at each walk..
Later..watch the Magic appear in your life..

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